Celeste Bangle Tutorial

Use 4mm Swarovski Montees and seed beads to create ONE OF TWO sparkling bangle designs (or maybe both!). This ONE tutorial shows how to create TWO very different bangles. The bangle is approximately 1.5cm wide and the pattern is easily adjusted to create any size.

PLEASE NOTE: The Adobe PDF file will be forwarded as an attachment to the email address supplied with your order. Please allow 1 business day for delivery (usually it is much quicker!). The file size is approximately 11.4MB.

If you are in Europe, please be advised that the PDF file can be sent by email, if this is your preference. In this instance you should order the design through www.crystalstargems.com.

The tutorial is comprehensive and clear (15 pages) and includes 46 clear colour photographs.

The tutorial assumes a knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW) AND Right Angle Weave (RAW) which ARE NOT INCLUDED in this tutorial. There is a free YouTube tutorial available on the Crystalstargems channel for the CRAW, however.

I would advise that this is an easy to intermediate pattern for you to follow, depending on experience. For those of you who are beginners it would be an intermediate level, possibly even advanced, but very do-able, dependent on patience. The majority of the pattern is an easy repeat. You will need to be able to start and finish new threads and you can always get in touch with me personally via email if you have any other queries (please add a photograph, if you are able).

This pattern may only be used by the purchaser and is for personal use ONLY. If you require advice on commercial licensing please contact the seller directly via email.

You may make one or two Celeste Bangles to sell if you wish but please be polite and acknowledge the designer.