Fuchsia Flower Tutorial - Morphing! - Peyote - Brick Stitch

10cm/4" x 4cm/1.5" dia | Miyuki Delica Beads
This beading pattern provides step by step instructions with very clear colour photographs to create a really fun, morphing, Fuchsia flower. The Flower happily morphs from closed to full bloom and back again - just by turning 180 degrees!

Designed with a 'hanging loop' both top and bottom this beautiful flower can also be used to display window crystals from - whichever way up you choose!

PLEASE NOTE: The Adobe PDF file will be sent attached to a personal email within 24 business hours - usually it is much faster! The file size is approximately 79.4MB.


This ornament is approximately 6cm/2.4" in height and 5.5cm/2.25" in diameter (8cm/3.2” at the widest point – in ‘bloom’) when finished. Use any colourway you like. Although not included in the tutorial it would be easy for an advanced beading enthusiast to adapt the quantities and size of petals to create an even larger flower!

The tutorial is comprehensive and clear - 31 pages, 56 steps and 110 clear colour photographs!

I would advise this is an Intermediate beading tutorial. I am confident that an advanced Beginner beader, looking for something a little challenging, will also be able to accomplish this tutorial as I have included as many helpful hints and tips as I can. Also, I am here to help for those of you trying to tackle something a little more difficult!

You should be comfortable working in component form, peyote, circular peyote, brick stitch (although a comprehensive tutorial for the brick stitch is included in this tutorial), fringe stitch and starting and ending new threads. Please bear in mind that this tutorial is not a 'quick' make - and will require patience and time to complete successfully! As the owner of a completed Fuchsia Flower - I can assure you that every bead stitched is VERY worth the outcome! ...

If you would like advice on the quantity of beads required to make the Flower please do feel free to get in touch.

The tutorial is comprehensive and clear - 31 pages, 56 steps and 110 clear colour photographs!

This pattern may only be used by the purchaser and is for personal use ONLY. If you require advice on commercial licensing please contact the seller directly via email.

You may make one or two Ornaments to sell if you wish but please make sure you acknowledge the Designer.