One of a Kind - 'Gaia' - Beadwork Necklace in Freeform Peyote

‘Gaia’ - Goddess of Earth

The primal Goddess Gaia is also known as Mother Earth. She was ‘born’ from Chaos and gave birth to Pontus (the Sea), Uranus (the Sky), Ourea (the Mountains), and many more. Gaia was the first deity, from whom all others sprang. Uranus, her first creation, was lusty and cruel to Gaia. Her son Cronus, took a flint sickle and castrated his father, throwing his severed organs into the great sea. The goddess Aphrodite was born of the mixing of the blood and foam.

'Gaia' was created for the Battle of the Beadsmith 2013. It is a unique and one of kind design and cannot be duplicated. I am very proud that she made it to the second round as this was the first year I have been invited to participate.

I have used Swarovski rivoli’s to symbolize the ‘heavens’, Swarovski pearls ‘moons/planets’, indicolite Swarovski crystals ‘ocean/rivers/sea’, and Miyuki 419 seed beads are responsible for the fabulous colour change from brown to red in different lights ‘earth/blood’. The spike beads represent the flint sickle or perhaps seeds. The main cabochon is a very rare and unique Blue Deschutes Scenic Jasper which I incorporated for the ‘mountains’. Sometimes you can see a ‘face’ in the cabochon!

Techniques used: Freeform peyote, CRAW, herringbone ribbon, bead embroidery.
Time taken: 3 weeks (I have no idea of the true ‘hours’ as I find it limiting to count them when I work!)

This stunning piece was created as a 'work of art' as well as a wearable piece of jewellery. The number of crystals contained within it create a myriad of shimmering sparkles in any light. Every possible care has been taken in its construction and I have used only the very finest materials. Whilst it is very wearable I must confess that the beaded clasp is difficult to fasten/unfasten. I would be prepared to undertake changing the clasp for a serious buyer if they should require it.

N.B. This item will ONLY be shipped by recorded signed for delivery. If the shipping cost is less than stipulated when posted the difference will be refunded.